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Facials and peels are popular beauty treatments that address many skin needs and concerns. Whether to improve skin tone or smooth out lines and wrinkles, the experienced team at Giovinezza Laser and Skin Rejuvenation has a facial or peel that’s right for you. To learn more about facials and peels at the medical aesthetic spa, call the office in Newport Beach, California, or book an appointment online today.

Facials and Peels



Medical grade procedures are used to promote collagen production, to even skin tone, and to brighten & hydrate skin. The procedures also address hyperpigmentation, melasma, as well as acne-breakouts, and scarring.




Used to brighten the overall appearance of your skin, creating a vibrant and radiant look. For all skin types with no downtime. It is also known as the Red-Carpet Peel for any special event.


The strongest Skin Medica peel, used to improve overall skin conditions be increasing collagen, elastin and fibrinogen. Improves the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and texture by increasing hydration. Also addresses pigmentation and age spots caused by sun damage. Significant results in 7-10 days after one treatment with some downtime.


The most popular peel used to smooth fine lines, wrinkles, enhance skin texture, to address pigmentation and imperfections with a controlled exfoliation. Noticeable results after one peel, with minimal downtime.




Perfect for decongesting and refining pores by killing bacteria. This multi-layer exfoliation peel is great for acne and general skin conditions. It can be applied weekly to achieve maximum results and improve clarity.


Charged with antioxidants, this advanced skin therapy has great penetration to give you immediate corrective benefits. This peel exfoliates and resurfaces the skin, boosts hyaluronic and collagen responses while visibly renewing skin and decreasing pigmentation.



  • Safe procedure for exfoliating the dead skin cells and peach fuzz
  • Promotes smoother skin
  • Diminishes the look of fine lines
  • Good for all skin types


  • Extractions
  • Light AHA/BHA peel, enzyme exfoliation or detoxifying mask
  • Bacteria-killing High Frequency with recommended serum for acne
  • Transdermal infusion – working deep within the skin for 8 hours
  • With the addition of Laser Genesis, together it becomes a highly effective acne treatment by killing the bacteria which causes acne and scarring.


Facials and Peels Q & A

What are facials and peels?

Facials and peels are two of the many beauty services available at Giovinezza Laser and Skin Rejuvenation. The team offers many medical-grade beauty treatments to meet a wide range of skin care needs and beauty goals. 

Many of the facials and peels available at the medical aesthetics spa promote collagen production, even out skin tone, and brighten and rehydrate the skin. 

What are the types of facials and peels?

Depending on your needs, Giovinezza Laser and Skin Rejuvenation may recommend the following facials or peels:

Signature facial

The classic facial includes skin exfoliation, extraction, and hydration to improve tone and texture. 

Dermaplaning facial

For a dermaplaning facial, the aesthetic experts at Giovinezza Laser and Skin Rejuvenation use a dermaplaning technique to exfoliate the dead skin cells and peach fuzz from the surface of your skin, revealing a smoother skin tone and texture. 

Included in this treatment is Priori® LED light therapy mask. This infrared light technology was developed to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, improve skin texture, increase blood flow, and increase tissue oxygenation. 

Carboxytherapy treatment

The key to radiant skin is to help boost skin’s metabolism. Carboxytherapy stimulates the production of collagen and promotes skin’s elasticity. It is effective in brightening the skin, pore control, reduces fine lines and wrinkles and also treats acne with anti-inflammatory properties.

Skin looks dramatically brighter, even toned and rejuvenated after first use.

Anti-acne facial

The acne treatment facial starts by cleansing with active glycolic formulas specifically designed for those with breakouts and black heads. Extractions and a glycolic peel, or detoxifying mask are also included.

The Laser Genesis may also be recommended as an additional treatment in conjunction with the anti-acne facial to kill bacteria that causes acne, diminish blemishes and prevent breakouts.

Diamond Glow™

Experience a noninvasive skin resurfacing treatment, designed to work with Skin Medica the best in science skincare. Exfoliates with a diamond tip, extracts to deeply cleanse the skin and remove debris and infuses with nourishing Skin Medica customized serums. Diamond Glow delivers radiant, rejuvenated, brighter and smoother healthy looking skin.

SkinMedica® professional peels

Giovinezza Laser and Skin Rejuvenation uses professional peels by SkinMedica. These peels vary in strength and use and include the Illuminize Peel®, Rejuvenize Peel®, and Vitalize Peel®.   

Priori® peels  

The aesthetic medical spa uses peels by Priori, including the multi-layer peel and superceutical peel. 

What facial or peel is best for me?

The Giovinezza Laser and Skin Rejuvenation team takes a personalized approach to care. They use the most advanced aesthetic devices and treatments available to get you the results you want.

When it comes to facials and peels, the team first spends time talking to you about your skin concerns and goals, and then they evaluate your skin and medical history. They talk to you about your facial and peel options and, together, you decide what treatments make the best choice for you.

To schedule your facials and peels consultation, call Giovinezza Laser and Skin Rejuvenation, or book an appointment online today.